Maak je eigen neon sign informatie

Create your own neon sign information

Have you always wanted to design your own neon sign? You can! At Neon District, we love to make dreams come true and all wishes are possible. We have endless possibilities to choose from. Below we have listed options for designing your own neon!

1. Design

First you send us your logo, photo, text or idea. We will then help you to create a design which can be made into a LED neon sign. Of course we will send you a digital sample afterwards.

Het idee voordat er een design van wordt gemaakt

Het design vanuit het idee

2. Material

Then you choose what material the neon design will consist of:
  • LED neon sign for indoors
  • LED neon sign for outside under a canopy (splash-proof)
  • Acrylic LED neon sign (this is totally waterproof and usable in all weather conditions)
  • RGB LED neon sign.
RGB Led Neon has the ability to change color during use. Because of this feature, the quality of the LED Neon is also different. Below is a picture of the differences. The RGB LED Neon shows more structure in the neon line whereas Led Neon without RGB is evenly illuminated over the line.

Neon materialen

3. Color

After that, you may choose the color for the neon sign. This of course only applies if the RGB function is not chosen. It does not matter if you want to use multiple colors per object in the design. For example, if the logo consists of several colors all these colors can be applied. Applying multiple colors in a design does not price the light neon sign.


4. Background

After choosing the color of the LED neon sign, you get to choose what kind of background you want. Here the choice is an acrylic backboard or an aluminum profile. With an acrylic backboard, you have three more choices to make:
  • Do you want the acrylic backboard cut out around the neon design?
  • Do you want a square backboard?
  • And whether this background will be transparent or in color. In this, all colors are possible including a (gold) mirror background.
The aluminum profile ensures that no background is visible. Only from the side is this background then visible and this is also available in any color. The only disadvantage to this is that if the design consists of separate parts, they must also be mounted separately. We therefore recommend using an acrylic backing board because it is easier to mount.
Neon District achterbord opties

5. Format

Next is the format. We can produce from 30 cm to 550 cm. All signs above 100 cm are split into several parts. After hanging, there is nothing more to see. This is only for transport. If you still want a one-piece sign, this is possible, but we charge an extra handling fee + delivery costs. These extra costs start at 80 euros excluding VAT and depend on the size.

6. Fixation options

One of the last steps toward your own neon design is choosing the mounting option. So how do you want to place your neon sign?
For an acrylic backboard, there are three different options:
  • On the wall through the use of spacers/screws
  • On a ceiling (suspended) through a suspension system
  • A custom made acrylic stand
For an aluminum profile, hanging on the wall with spacers/screws is the only option because it consists of separate parts.
Neon bijgeleverde materialen

Neon LED materials:

  1. Suspension system for hanging from the ceiling (optional)
  2. Dimmer
  3. Adapter
  4. Power cable
  5. Screws, plugs and spacers (standard)
  6. Suspension cable (included as standard)
  7. Neon light cable


7. Dimmer

Each Neon sign comes with a dimmer. This can increase or decrease the brightness of the lighting and also change the color of the RGB Neon. All signs under 75 cm are supplied with a mini dimmer and all other formats are supplied with a button dimmer.

Neon verlichting dimmer

8. Delivery options & delivery time

The last step before you get your Neon sign delivered is to choose a delivery option. Our delivery time is 8-10 business days from the time the order is placed. The three delivery choices:
  • On address delivery (standard)
  • DPD pickup point (possible for all signs smaller than 100cm)
  • Rush delivery
A rush delivery means that your order goes directly into production without having to wait for the rest of the production schedule. This will reduce your delivery time by approximately 2-4 working days. With this option, there is an extra charge of 60 euros (excluding VAT).
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