Neon voor binnen of buiten?

<tc>Neon for indoors or outdoors?</tc>

Our Neon can come in different materials. It's simply what you yourself are looking for! Are you looking for something that only stays indoors? Then our plain LED neon signing is perfect. It consists of LED neon lights enveloped by a PVC/silicone shell. LED neon lights are eco-friendly and made of strong material that will last for years.
Are you looking for something that can withstand splashes of water? Maybe for under the canopy? In that case, the PVC/silicone shell will be attached with a special glue. In terms of appearance, this will be no different from the design for indoors.
Do you want your design to stand out outside? Then we have special neon made of Acrylic. These are completely waterproof tubes filled with Neon. These signs are specially made to withstand the Dutch weather!

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