Waarom Neon LED en geen Neon glas?

Why Neon LED and not Neon glass?

We often get the question why we don't use the traditional Neon glass. We can easily answer this, because Neon LED is better! To prove this, we have made an overview of why Neon LED is better.

  • Attractiveness- No doubt that LED Neon is a lot brighter. You can even leave LED Neon signs on during the day and it will still look great! Glass Neon only becomes clearly visible after it is dark.
  • Costs- You are almost always cheaper with LED Neon, the maintenance and installation of glass Neon is very expensive. Not that of LED Neon. No maintenance is required, it lasts longer, and you hang it up easily.
  • Energy efficient- Here LED Neon signs are the winner, an LED Neon sign is 10x more energy efficient than a glass Neon. An LED Neon sign also lasts 50,000 burning hours, and a glass neon sign only 10,000 burning hours.
  • Small spaces- For smaller companies or spaces where there is not a lot of space, LED neon is the perfect advertising lighting. LED Neon is quickly 1/3 the size and much lighter. This makes it easy to hang, place on a counter or hang on the shelf.
  • Usability- LED Neon is available in many more different colours. You can also imitate almost any design with LED neon because the LED neon is bendable in special shapes.
  • Neon & create atmosphere - both are good at this, vintage Neon certainly has a certain kind of look that LED Neon doesn't have. Glass Neon brings a certain kind of cult, you either like it or you don't. Yet more and more companies are opting for LED Neon, which looks cleaner, brighter and more modern, and also fits into any kind of shop.
  • Safety- Glass Neon is very fragile and gets very hot when lit. LED Neon is in a silicone casing and is bendable and mounted on a strong acrylic transparent backboard. Which is many times stronger than glass. LED neon also does not get warmer than 30 degrees Celsius.

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