Frequently Asked Questions / FAQ

What is Neon District, and what is a Neon sign?

We are NeonDistrict! A Rotterdam company that works together with the best suppliers to make the most beautiful LED Neon lighting for you!

LED Neon is made of LED neon lights encased in a PVC/silicone. LED Neon lights are eco-friendly and made of strong material that can last for years and therefore will not break during delivery. The light of the NeonDistrict lighting is dimmable with an included remote control. We can also produce NeonDistrict lighting that is suitable for hanging outside. All NeonDistrict lighting has a 12-month manufacturer's warranty. But from our experience, and that of our supplier, the Neon sign often lasts +10 years.

Why is LED Neon Better than Traditional Glass Neon?

  • Neon & create atmosphere- both are good at this, vintage Neon definitely has a certain kind of look that LED Neon doesn't have. Glass Neon brings a certain kind of cult, you either like it or you don't. Yet more and more companies are opting for LED Neon, which looks cleaner, brighter and more modern, and also fits into any kind of store.
  • Attractiveness- There's no question that LED Neon is a lot brighter. You can even leave LED Neon on during the day and it still looks great! Glass Neon only becomes clearly visible after dark.
  • Small spaces - For smaller companies or spaces where there is not a lot of space, LED Neon is quickly 1/3 the size and much lighter. This makes it easy to hang, place on a counter or hang on the shelf.
  • Costs - You are almost always cheaper with LED Neon, the maintenance and installation of glass Neon is very expensive. Not that of LED Neon. No maintenance is required, it lasts longer, and you hang it up easily.
  • Energy efficient- Here LED Neon signs are the winner, a LED Neon sign is 10x more energy efficient than a glass Neon. An LED Neon sign also goes 50. 000 burning hours, and a glass neon sign only 10. 000 burning hours
  • Usability - LED Neon is available in many more different colours. You can also imitate almost any design with LED neon because the LED neon is bendable in special shapes.
  • Safety- Glass Neon is very fragile and gets very hot when lit. LED Neon is in a silicone casing and is bendable and mounted on a strong acrylic transparent backboard. Which is many times stronger than glass. LED neon also does not get warmer than 30 degrees Celsius.

Do your NeonDistrict signs make noise?

No, NeonDistrict is silent.

How long will NeonDistrict last?

NeonDistrict lighting is made of LED neon lights. LED neon lighting works on low voltage, so little energy is consumed. In addition, the lifespan of NeonDistrict lighting is 10 years.

How long is my warranty?

The warranty on NeonDistrict lighting is 1 year, from the moment the order is placed on the website. The guarantee is valid provided that the product is used in accordance with our guidelines in combination with all original and supplied parts.

How big will the letters be?

The size of the letters is not fixed, but depends on the selected size and the number of letters in the text. For example, if you select 10 letters for a 200 cm board, the letters will be larger than if you select 20 letters. Before we proceed to production, we will first send you a preview in which the size of the letters can be read. Agree? Then we proceed to production, if not we are happy to adjust the design.

How do I install my NeonDistrict?

NeonDistrict is very easy to hang:

Download the installation instruction here

What is the delivery time of NeonDistrict?

After your NeonDistrict goes with our external parcel service, the delivery time is 3-6 working days. You will receive a Track & Trace from us with a code to track your NeonDistrict. The production time is a maximum of 5 days. You will have your Neon sign at home within +/- 10 Working Days!

Can you process a rush order?

We can process a rush order, the costs for this are at least € 120, - on top of the normal sales price. Contact us at info@neondistrict. nl for the exact quote.

Can you make my logo in neon?

We receive many requests to create NeonDistrict in the form of a company logo. Our customers are very satisfied with the NeonDistrict signs that we have created for them. To guarantee quality, we would like to get in touch with you about the design of your company logo. In the main menu you can choose 'UPLOAD LOGO'. There you can upload your company logo, one of our designers will contact you within 24 hours.

Can I combine colors and fonts?

We can create any color and font combination, feel free to send us an email with your design/wishes. Then one of our designers will look with you to achieve the best result together.

Below you can see the colors that you can select from us.

Can I hang my NeonDistrict outside?

We make special NeonDistrict for outdoors, you can indicate this in the customizer.

How long is the cord?

The standard length of the cord is 3 meters. It is important that you hang the board near a socket or use an extension cord.

How big is my NeonDistrict?

You determine the dimensions of your NeonDistrict yourself, the dimensions are stated with our products from the collection. Are you creating your own NeonDistrict? Then you can choose which size you like.

Note: when choosing a size, always select the longest side. After your order we will contact you to pass on the final size.

How can I pay at NeonDistrict?

At NeonDistrict you can always pay easily and securely via mollie, we use the following payment methods:


- Bank Contact

- Credit Card

- Belfius

- PayPal


- MasterCard


- Apple Pay

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