Do not pay VAT during checkout (for entrepreneurs outside NL)

It is possible for entrepreneurs outside the Netherlands with a valid VAT number to use intra-Community delivery. The VAT rate is set to 0%.

0% rate for export to other EU countries
There is an intra-Community supply if you meet 2 conditions:

  • Your company is located outside the Netherlands and the delivery takes place outside the Netherlands
  • You are an entrepreneur who can provide a valid VAT identification number.

Do you not meet both conditions? For example because you are a private individual or do not have a VAT identification number? Then the 0% rate does not apply. In that case, you must calculate VAT and declare and pay the VAT.

How can I ensure that VAT is not charged?

After you have added a product to the shopping cart, you will receive an overview of your order. Here you enter your VAT number at the bottom of the page. The VAT will be automatically deducted from the amount. After your order you will receive an invoice for your administration.

Have you already placed your order without entering a VAT number? Don't worry, contact us by email and we will ensure that the overpaid VAT is refunded to your account.

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About Neondistrict

We are a group of creative thinkers who love illuminated advertising. Our specialists make the most beautiful Neon designs and we produce them on our production line where we have been working on LED Neon production for 8 years now. In combination with our UltraLED Neon tubes, we guarantee the highest quality Neon signs.
In addition, we have an excellent network of deliverers, which ensures a short delivery time throughout Europe.

We are the partner for a successful illuminated advertising project due to our no-nonsense mentality and reliable quality of products.

See below what else we can help you with or what cool projects we've had with our valued customers.

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Projects we are proud of

1 of 5
1 of 5
  • led neon signs

    Contour cut acrylic

    Perfect for all texts and logos hanging on the wall or occasionally taken to different locations.

  • neon district


    Good for when you want to make a modern design or you have a frame around your design.

  • To the moon and back

    Colored / Mirror background

    Make a unique object? Choose a mirror background or a gold mirror background.

  • water dip

    UV Printing

    This printing technology makes it possible to make details of your logo or design even more visible.

  • custom-signs

    IP67 Waterproof

    LED Neon as facade advertising? You have the choice of 2 options. 1. Have our LED Neon made for indoors in a transparent box or 2. by choosing IP67 Acryllic Neon.

  • custom-signs

    Invisible background

    Project that always stays in the same place on the wall? Or do you want to incorporate neon into a plant wall? Then this is the right choice.

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About the quality of our Neon Lights

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